Candelion is a hybrid of Mint Monarch male (Cheese Dog x O.G Misty) crossed with Aghori O.G (Purple Mist x Grape Gas) . She will grow to a medium height with thick fan leaves and a main central growth structure. The flavour is a mix of mint, fuel, citrus and sour grape with an aroma that is just as complex. Flowering time will take 8/9 weeks depending on phenotype producing small, dense, greasy buds at every internode. An easy to grow strain perfect for growers of indica plants who want a powerfully relaxing flower. Candelion is highly resistant to cold and wet weather and thrives indoors and outdoors, making her a great choice for anyone with challenging summers. She will produce golf ball sized, tight nugs that fill every internode glistening white with resin, making her a great choice for hash making and extracts.

Male: Mint Monarch F1
Female: Aghori O.G F1
Flower: 8/9 weeks
Aroma: Gas, Dank,
Flavour: Sour grape, Grapefruit, Lime, Caramel
Effect: Heavy bodied, long lasting high